At Lupine we work hard to run tours to some of the hardest to reach places in the world. As part of this we arrange semi-regular and one off tours to many of the worlds most geographically remote destinations. Unlike our regular group tours, these trips are not always guranteed departures so please email us before booking any flights.

If there's a remote place we don't currently go to, please get in touch as we maintain a list of requested destinations and prioritise these based on interested.

2019 Tour dates Name Status Spaces available Price
12-19 Mar 2019 Pitcairn Island tour CONFIRMED Tour closed $5,150
Dec 30, 2019 - Jan 8, 2020 Oymyakon tour - Yakutsk to Magadan CONFIRMED 2 Places left £3,685
Jan, 2020 Oymyakon tour - Magadan to Yakutsk DATES PENDING 4 places left £3,650 approx
August 22-28 Kamchatka Volcanoes tour CONFIRMED Many places left £1,885