3 Day Chernobyl Reactor #4 Control Room Tour

Tour itinerary can be seen below. Due to circumstances out of our control there may be slight changes in the itinerary that we may not always be able to inform you about in advance.

1 Arrive in Chernobyl

We will meet in Independence Square at 08:15. Our representative will check your passport details before you board the minibus. Along the way we will play a video explaining the background to Chernobyl with some haunting footage filmed at the time of the accident. Over 100km later we enter Dytyatky (on the border of the 30km exclusion zone) and undergo document checks by the military. You will also meet your government appointed guide for the day here. We drive onwards to Chernobyl and meet with the management of the Chernobyl Interinform Agency to give us a rundown of the day’s events and history of the site at the museum. On the way we will stop in Kopachi village, to walk around the abandoned kindergarten. A tour of Chernobyl town follows, before heading to the canteen for a 3 course lunch.

After lunch we head towards the Power Plant, passing the 10km border and check point. We view the abandoned building work of the unfinished 5th and 6th reactors and cooling towers and pass the monument to the firemen that lost their lives following the disaster. We soon later reach reactor number 4 and are allowed photograph opportunities for a short time at a distance of 100m.

We then drive through the Red Forest and onto the visit the dead town of Prypyat, the town which housed the workers of the power plant and their families. Walk around the main town square and view the town hall and theatre. Walk further around the town and see the swimming pool and afterwards the school where leftover books, half marked registers, and toys left behind.

Visit the fairground that was due to open days after the disaster, and view the famous Ferris wheel. We then walk around more of the city past apartment blocks and the Prypyat Hotel.

After Prypyat we will return to Chernobyl and check into our hotel before heading out for dinner. Evening spent in the Chernobyl hotel.

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Day 1 photo 1

2 Lesser-seen Prypyat & Duga 3

We arise for an early breakfast before heading out to abandoned villages. Photographs of past residents can be found in some houses.

We then venture out to Duga 3, also known as 'Chernobyl Two'. Duga 3 was a behemoth of a radar system used by the Soviets during the Cold War. At a gigantic 150 metres high and 1km long, it was at the time suspected to be used for mind control and was referred to as the 'Russian Woodpecker' due to the high pitched repetitive tapping signal it transmitted which could be picked up on short wave radios. We will be allowed access right up to the structure, inside the control room and the surrounding administration buildings.

We will then return to Prypyat to visit some of the lesser seen areas such as the police station.

Finally we head for lunch before driving back to Dytyatky Control Point to measure our radiation levels before exiting and taking the train to Slavutych where will stay overnight.

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Day 2 photo 1

3 Reactor #4

After breakfast we take a walking tour of Slavutych, stopping by the city park, White Angel statue, and the various town districts where the architecture reflects the neighbouring regions. Later we head to the Chernobyl & Slavutych Museum where you can explore the history of the nuclear power plant and the wider Polissya region.

From Slavutych we take a 40 minute train to the Chernobyl Zone and have lunch in the canteen of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

We spend a full afternoon inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, including a rare opportunity to visit the infamous control room of Reactor #4. The tour also takes in the administrative building, bomb shelter ABK 1, the observation pavilion, the central hall and control room, Skala (a unique computer; part of the reactor control system) and the main circulatory pumps (Unit 3).

Finally we head to the Dytyatky Control Point to measure our radiation levels before exiting and returning to Kiev for around 20:00.

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Day 3 photo 1


  • - Chernobyl permits
  • - Return transport from Kiev
  • - English speaking guides and transport within the zone
  • - 3 x Lunch, 2 x dinner and 2 breakfast
  • - 1 night twin accommodation inside the zone, 1 night in Slavutych
  • - Evacuation insurance
  • - Kiev accommodation (can be added on request)
  • - Airport transfers (can be added on request)
  • - Flights
  • - Single supplement (There are a very limited number of single rooms, so if you require this then please ask at the time of booking and we'll check for availability.)
  • Tour Price: £449
  • Deposit: £150
  • Single Room Supplement: £
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