Mongolia Tour

1 Arrive into Mongolia

Upon arrival into Ulaanbaatar Airport your transfer driver will be waiting to take you to the accommodation.

Today is a free day to spend around the capital. Maybe visit Sukhbaatar Square, Nairamdal Park, the Gandantegchinlen Khiid Temple and National Museum of Mongolian History before heading for dinner at any one of a wide range of restaurants; we recommend you try a traditional Mongolian barbecue. In the evening you could visit the Tumen Ekh Ensemble Palace to view contortionists, dancers, opera singers and the bizarre Mongolian throat singers.

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2 Hustai National Park

We’ll start our Mongolian expedition today, leaving early from our accommodation and heading west towards Kharkhorin (Karakorum); the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire. En route, we’ll stop at the Hustai National Park, which is a non-profit organisation that protects the world's last wild horse species; the Przewalski horse (takhi horse).

The evening will be spent in a Ger Camp, where we will be staying overnight. If we’re lucky we may be treated to a throat singing performance from the family that owns the gers!

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3 Karakorum, capital of the Mongolian Empire

Today we’ll get to understand a bit more about Mongolian culture and history. We’ll start the day with a visit to the Kharkhorin Museum, where we will learn about the Mongolian timeline; all the way from the dinosaurs up until today.

Next we’ll visit the Erdenezuu Monastery which is Mongolia’s earliest surviving Buddhist Monastery. Here we’ll get the chance to taste Airag (a traditional alcoholic beverage made from fermented mare’s milk).

After lunch we’ll visit the monument of Mongolia’s Great Empire that overlooks the Orkhon Valley, before continuing the drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake where we will camp overnight.

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4 Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake - Volcano Hike

After breakfast we’ll hike to the Khorgo Volcano crater and explore the area surrounding the Great White Lake. The volcano is classed as dormant as it last erupted around 8000 years ago.

There will be an optional hike to the Yellow Dog’s Cave which is a permanently iced cave. The fields in this area are all solidified lava bubbles and the contrast against the crystal waters of the white lake is really beautiful.

Return back to our camp to stay overnight.

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5 Wild camping - Five Rivers Basin

Today we’ll head to Olon Goliin Belchir, also known as the Five Rivers Basin and it’s here where we’ll experience the first wild camping experience on this trip. We’ll get to enjoy and appreciate the beautifully scenic wild landscape under Mongolia’s incredible starry night sky.

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6 Ulaan Uul Sum

In the morning we’ll meet our “horse man” in Ulaan Uul Sum and will have the chance to practice our horse riding before we head off to meet the Reindeer people tomorrow.

You don’t need to be an experienced horse rider or have even ridden before, but please bear in mind there are 2 days of horse riding ahead. This is so that we can move at a slow pace, to accommodate the least experienced riders. The journey will be long, but very relaxed and will allow plenty of time to take in the breathtaking scenery as we ride through the mountains and forests.

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7 Horse trekking

Early in the morning we’ll meet our horse man again and start to prepare our horses for the journey. Horse trekking to the Dukha tribe is a unique experience that only a few people are privileged enough to experience!

Tonight will be spent wild camping to embrace the purest Mongolian nomadic essence.

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8 Continuing the horse trek

We’ll continue our unforgettable 2 day horse trek through the forest before finally reaching the nomadic Reindeer herders' family, who are the main characters in the Spirit Animal documentary.

After the long journey, we’ll settle down to stay overnight in the family’s gers.

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9 Day with the reindeer herders

After staying overnight with the herders, we’ll continue to have the opportunity to live behind-the-scenes with these real nomadic families, who are fast-changing their lifestyles. We will be diving into a unique area of local, ancient lifestyles and embracing their culture in the wilderness nature reserve. We’ll be able to help the family with their daily business, including prepare traditional dairy-based products.

In the evening, if the moon is right, we may even embark on an authentic shamanic ritual!

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10 Journey back by horse

After breakfast we bid farewell to our hosts as we start to head back into civilization. We’ll load up our horses and set off on the 2 day trek back to the road. We’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the views and contemplate the experiences we’ve just had and the new friends we’ve made.

The evening will be spent wild camping.

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11 Continue horse trekking

Today will be another leisurely day horse trekking.

Once back on the road, the driver will be waiting and will take us to stay at the horse man’s family ger for a well earned rest.

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12 Mürun

After breakfast we will drive back to civilization to check into our guest house in Mürun. Rest of the day at leisure before we go for our evening meal in a local restaurant.

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13 Uran Togoo Volcano

Today we’ll trek to the Uran Togoo Volcano. The volcano is said to have been active 20 million years ago and is famous for its perfectly round crater. The crater is really unique as it has a little pond which is half circled with trees, with the other half having nothing but short grass. On the tip of the crater we’ll find 4 Mongolian shrines (ovoos) that represent North, South, East and West. Legend is, if you circle the shrines once you’ll get good luck!

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14 Amarbayasalgant Monastery

On the last day of the tour we’ll head back to Ulaanbaatar, with a stop at Amarbayasalgant Monastery; also known as the “Monastery of Tranquil Felicity”.

Check into our accommodation and head out for a farewell meal with the group in the evening.

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15 End of Tour

After checking out of the accommodation, you’ll be transferred to the airport ready for your journey home.


  • - Visa invitation letter
  • - Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • - 14 nights accommodation; in guest-houses, family gers and wild camping
  • - Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, sleeping bag liner)
  • - 4WD + experienced driver + petrol during tour
  • - Local English speaking tour guide / cook
  • - All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) included, except when in Ulaanbataar
  • - 1.5L drinking water per day
  • - All entrance fees for National Parks and activities stated in the itinerary
  • - Horse and horse guide (to reach the Reindeer herders)
  • - Limited edition Spirit Animal photobook
  • - Your name on the Spirit Animal documentary "Wall of Fame"
  • - Exclusive online content updates from Spirit Animal
  • - Visa fee
  • - International flights
  • - Tips
  • Tour Price: £2250
  • Deposit: £500
  • Single Room Supplement: £0
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