Lupine Travel COVID Policy

December 9, 2020

Updated: 18/10/2021

From the 1st November 2021 our regular terms and conditions will apply to bookings, except in the following covid related circumstances:

  1. Your country of residence bans travel
  2. If the destination you’re travelling to puts in new restrictions for your nationality.

If either of the above applies you will be allowed to cancel with a full refund offered.

If your home country requires you to quarantine on your return then you will be able to swap to another tour at no extra cost.

If you need to cancel for any other reason, you will need to ensure you have adequate insurance in place to cover you.

It is important to note that as of 1st November 2021 we will be removing the flexibility of swapping tours without an admin charge. If you are unable to travel due to one of the restrictions mentioned above, or if the tour is cancelled by us, no charges will occur. In all other cases, the charges will apply according to our terms and conditions.

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2020 Dec 09
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