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Lupine are proud to announce we are partnering with Spirit Animal - a feature film exploring the lives of three nomadic families in Mongolia.

In conjunction with the documentary team we are running a special 15 day tour across remote areas of Mongolia, to reach the Dukha tribe reindeer herders. We'll visit the Orkhon Valley, Khorgo volcano, Five Rivers basin, Uran Togoo volcano and much more. Once the road comes to an end we will take a 2 day horse trek to reach the herders and will have a chance on arrival to see behind the scenes as the feature film is made.

*THIS TOUR IS NOW SOLD OUT* We are currently in discussions with the filmmakers and the local providers regarding the possibility of arranging a second departure. We hope to have news on this in the next few days.

This is a one off tour in conjunction with the Spirit Animal feature film team.

The tour starts and ends in Ulaanbaatar and includes travel in vehicles and on horseback.

One day during the tour we will have the chance to go behind the scenes with the filmmakers to see how the film is put together.

The tour is priced at £2250 per person.

No single supplement is available for this tour. Accommodation is a mixture of guest houses, Gers and camping.

Deposit required to confirm your booking is £500.

Upcoming Tours

Our current upcoming group tours can be seen below. They are all guaranteed departures.

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Mongolia Tour 15 £2,250.00 0 Full info
Mongolia Tour 15 £2,250.00 0 Full info
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