How difficult is the visa process?
We take care of all your visa invitations and support paperwork. For Turkmenistan we provide you with a LOI that you can use to obtain a visa either at your nearest Embassy or on arrival at the airport. For Uzbekistan we provide an invitation that you need to use to collect a visa at your nearest Embassy. Tajikistan is a simple e-visa process. Kyrgyszstan is visa free for most nationalities. Many nationalities are also visa free for Kazakhstan but please check first. In case you need a visa, the process is quite simple.

What flights do I take?
You will need to make a multi leg flight booking into Ashgabat and out of Bishkek or Almaty. Turkish Airlines usually offer the best prices.

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is widely available in each country.

Are credit cards accepted?
Credit cards are not widely accepted. It is recommend you take all cash with you (USD strongly preferred)

What is the typical age range on this tour?
We have a huge range of both ages and nationalities on these tours. On our May 2016 tour we had ages ranging from 24 to 81! And a group made up of 8 different nationalities.

What are the facilities like at the gas crater in Turkmenistan?
Tents and sleeping bags are provided as is food but there are no washing or toilet facilities.

Is there much free time on the tour?
The schedule is very packed with sightseeing and driving between destinations and there is little free time other than in the late evenings.


What is the maximum group size on the Central Asia tours?
For 2018 our usual maximum group size on this tour is 16 plus one tour leader, although on occasions 1 or 2 extra people may join the tour for a few days. Starting in 2019 we will be running a maximum group size of 18 plus a tour leader. Every 5 'Stans tour we have run has sold out.

On occasion there may also be a second tour leader present for training.

What is the transport like throughout the tour?
Throughout most of the tour we will be in private air conditioned busses and coaches. For some sections we will use 4x4 convoys such as the drives across Turkmenistan. Usually the busses in Kyrgyzstan do not have AC, however, we spend most of the long drive from Osh to Bishkek at altitude where the weather is cooler.