Visit the Limbongo Pygmies in Cameroon

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In the heart of Africa lies Cameroon and the Central African Republic. These two countries capture everything excellent about Central Africa: Pristine natural beauty containing untracked paths and rich wildlife such as elusive forest elephants, gentle lowland western gorillas, and much more. Many wonderful people call this land home, from the Baku people to the Pygmy Tribes. After this tour, you’ll wish that you did too.

Brimming with nature and filled with friendly people, our tour to Cameroon and the C.A.R. will hit all the highlights of these two nations. In Cameroon, you will see the colonial-era mining town of Batouri, drive through the countryside, see pineapple plantations, forests, and Bantu villages, and meet the Baka people. In the C.A.R., a boat ride across the mighty Sangha River will take you on a journey unlike any other. Around this river, you will see the Dzanga Sangha Reserve where gorilla families and mangabeys roam, forest elephants in the Dzanga Bai area, and a pygmy camp where you can learn about the life of these fantastic people. All this and more await you in these two Central African nations!

If you love the African wilderness, people from different walks of life, and nonstop adventure, then our Cameroon and the C.A.R. tour is the one for you. We run it every November and hope to see you on the next one!

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Cameroon and CAR Highlights Tour  2022 Itinerary
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Cameroon and CAR Highlights Tour  2023 Itinerary

We run this tour once a year each December, starting and ending in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Multiple entry visa is required for Cameroon whilst we arrange visa on arrival for C.A.R.

Our time in C.A.R is solely in the secure Sangha Reserve, away from the unrest further east.

This tour is priced at £2335 per person. Rooms are on a single basis except for in Yaounde and CAR.

Single supplement is available for Yaounde but not CAR (shared rooms only). It costs £25 to upgrade to a single room in Yaounde.

Deposit required to confirm your booking is £750.

error_outlineSecurity Warning

Please note that although we only run tours to areas we feel we can keep our clients safe, the British FCO advises against all travel to CAR and the areas we visit in the East of Cameroon.

We research the security of our destinations and safety is a priority for us, however, we advise you to do your own research as well to ensure you are comfortable with your trip.

Please note these travel warnings may also affect travel insurance for these regions, please contact us for advice on this. For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, click here