From the vibrancy of the capital Khartoum, to the ancient Nubian pyramids and overwhelmingly friendly people throughout the country, Sudan has a huge amount to offer as a tourist destination.

Please note that some sections of these tours travel to areas where the British FCO advises against all travel to.

We research the security of our destinations highly and safety is a priority for us, however, we advise ytou to do your own research too to ensure you are comfortable with your trip.

Please note these travel warnings may also affect travel insurance for these regions, please contact us for advice on this.

Our Sudan tours run 4 times per year.

Our February tour runs back to back with our Eritrea tours, giving the chance to combine both trips.

Visa invitations are issued around 8 weeks prior to departure.

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Afghanistantour-openAFGHANISTAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR4895250static6
Algeriatour-open2020-09-202020-09-26ALGERIA HIGHLIGHTS TOUR8845250static6September
Bhutan & Bangladeshtour-open2020-02-172020-02-25Bhutan & Bangladesh Combo tour81395250dynamic6February
Bhutan & Bangladeshtour-open2020-10-172020-10-25Bhutan & Bangladesh Combo tour81395250dynamic6October
Bhutan & Bangladeshtour-open2020-11-022020-11-10Bhutan & Bangladesh Combo tour81395250dynamic6November
Burundi, Rwanda and DRCtour-open2020-08-012020-08-10East African Highlights Tour91530350static1August
Burundi, Rwanda and DRCtour-open2020-11-142020-11-23East African Highlights Tour91585350static6November
Cameroon and CARtour-open2020-11-282020-12-09Cameroon Highlights Tour102335350static6November
Central Americatour-open2020-11-292020-12-07Central America Highlights Tour81035250static10December
Central Asiatour-open2020-04-122020-04-265 'Stans141789500dynamic4April
Central Asiatour-open2020-05-172020-05-315 'Stans141789500dynamic6May
Central Asiatour-open2020-06-142020-06-285 'Stans141789500dynamic6June
Central Asiatour-open2020-07-192020-08-025 'Stans141789500dynamic6July
Central Asiatour-open2020-07-262020-08-16Summer long 5 or 6 'Stans w/ Afghan212645500dynamic6July
Central Asiatour-open2020-10-042020-10-185 'Stans141789500dynamic6October
Chechnya & North Ossetia Tourtour-open2020-08-302020-09-04Chechnya & North Ossetia Tour6975350dynamic10August
Chernobyl 1 Daytour-openstandard 1 day tour with 2 nights in Kiev2219100dynamic6
Chernobyl 2 Daytour-open2020-05-022020-05-032 day Chernobyl tour with overnight in the exclusion zone2339150dynamic6May
Chernobyl 2 Daytour-open2020-08-222020-08-232 day Chernobyl tour with overnight in the exclusion zone2339150dynamic6August
Chernobyl 2 Daytour-open2020-10-242020-10-252 day Chernobyl tour with overnight in the exclusion zone2339150dynamic6October
Cubatour-openCuba Highlights Tour7250static6
Irantour-open2020-04-042020-04-11Iran Highlights tour7849250static6April
Irantour-open2020-10-102020-10-17Iran Highlights tour7849250static6October
Iraqi Kurdistantour-open2020-04-112020-04-18Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan tour7985250static6April
Iraqi Kurdistantour-open2020-04-182020-04-25Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan tour7985250static10April
Iraqi Kurdistantour-open2020-10-032020-10-10Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan tour7985250static6October
Iraqi Kurdistantour-open2020-10-172020-10-24Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan tour7985250static6October
Lebanontour-open2020-04-272020-05-02Lebanon Highlights Tour5495250static6April
Lebanontour-open2020-08-242020-08-29Lebanon Highlights Tour5495250static6August
Libyatour-openLibya Highlights Tour31175350static6
Nigeriatour-open2020-02-222020-02-29NIGERIA HIGHLIGHTS TOUR71845350static1February
North Koreatour-open2019-11-182019-11-24EARLY WINTER TOUR4795250dynamic10November
North Koreatour-open2019-12-082019-12-10CHOLLIMA BUDGET EXPRESS TOUR2460250dynamic10December
North Koreatour-open2019-12-302020-01-05NEW YEARS TOUR4895250dynamic10December
North Koreatour-open2020-01-132020-01-19JANUARY TOUR4795250dynamic10January
North Koreatour-open2020-02-132020-02-19KIM JONG-IL BIRTHDAY TOUR4895250dynamic10February
North Koreatour-open2020-02-132020-02-22KIM JONG-IL BIRTHDAY TOUR WITH SKIING EXTENSION71645250dynamic10February
North Koreatour-open2020-04-132020-04-19KIM IL-SUNG BIRTHDAY TOUR4895250dynamic10April
North Koreatour-open2020-04-132020-04-22KIM IL-SUNG BIRTHDAY COAST TO COAST TOUR71395250dynamic10April
North Koreatour-open2020-04-132020-04-23KIM IL-SUNG BIRTHDAY EXTRA LONG TOUR101925250dynamic10April
North Koreatour-open2020-05-182020-05-24SPRING TOUR4895250dynamic10May
North Koreatour-open2020-05-182020-05-27SPRING EXTENDED TOUR71395250dynamic10May
North Koreatour-open2020-06-152020-06-21EARLY SUMMER TOUR4895250dynamic10June
North Koreatour-open2020-06-152020-06-24EARLY SUMMER EXTENDED TOUR71395250dynamic10June
North Koreatour-open2020-07-252020-07-31VICTORY DAY TOUR4895250dynamic10July
North Koreatour-open2020-07-252020-08-03VICTORY DAY EXTENDED TOUR71395250dynamic10July
North Koreatour-open2020-07-252020-08-06VICTORY DAY EXTRA LONG TOUR101925250dynamic10July
North Koreatour-open2020-08-132020-08-19LIBERATION DAY TOUR4895250dynamic10August
North Koreatour-open2020-08-132020-08-22LIBERATION DAY LONG TOUR71395250dynamic10August
North Koreatour-open2020-08-132020-08-25LIBERATION DAY EXTRA LONG TOUR101925250dynamic10August
North Koreatour-open2020-09-072020-09-13FOUNDING OF THE DPRK TOUR4895250dynamic10September
North Koreatour-open2020-09-072020-09-16FOUNDING OF THE DPRK EXTENDED TOUR71395250dynamic10September
North Koreatour-open2020-09-072020-09-19FOUNDING OF THE DPRK EXTRA LONG TOUR101925250dynamic10September
North Koreatour-open2020-10-062020-10-12PARTY FOUNDATION DAY TOUR4895250dynamic10October
North Koreatour-open2020-10-062020-10-15PARTY FOUNDATION DAY EXTENDED TOUR71395250dynamic10October
North Koreatour-open2020-10-062020-10-18PARTY FOUNDATION DAY EXTRA LONG TOUR101925250static10October
North Koreatour-open2020-11-162020-11-22EARLY WINTER TOUR4795250dynamic10November
North Koreatour-open2020-11-162020-11-22EARLY WINTER EXTENDED TOUR71295250static10November
North Koreatour-open2020-12-282021-01-03NEW YEARS TOUR4895250dynamic10December
North Koreatour-open2020-12-282021-01-03NEW YEARS EXTENDED TOUR71395250static10December
Pakistan (North)tour-open2020-04-112020-04-19North Pakistan Tour81395350dynamic6April
Pakistan (South)tour-open2020-04-042020-04-11South Pakistan Tour71195350dynamic6April
Remote Places - Kamchatkatour-open2020-08-222020-08-28Kamchatka tour81885650static6August
Remote Places - Oymyakontour-open2019-12-302020-01-08Oymyakon tour - Yakutsk to Magadan94350500static2January
Remote Places - Pitcairn Islandtour-open2020-06-092020-06-16Pitcairn Island Tour45150500static6June
Sierra Leone/Liberiatour-open2019-11-092019-11-18Sierra Leone and Liberia highlights tour9955250static6November
Sierra Leone/Liberiatour-open2020-06-272020-07-06Sierra Leone and Liberia highlights tour9995250static6June
Sierra Leone/Liberiatour-open2020-07-042020-07-27West Africa tour: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin & Togo232765500static10July
Socotratour-open2020-02-262020-03-04Socotra Highlights Tour719501000static14February
Socotratour-open2020-09-232020-09-30Socotra Highlights Tour719501000static9September
Socotratour-open2020-10-282020-11-04Socotra Highlights Tour719501000static14October
Somaliland/Ethiopia tour-open2020-02-172020-02-26Somaliland & Ethiopia Tour9925250dynamic6February
Somaliland/Ethiopia tour-open2020-11-092020-11-18Somaliland & Ethiopia Tour9925250dynamic6November
Somaliland/Ethiopia with Danakil extensiontour-open2020-02-132020-02-17Danakil Depression tour/extension5565250dynamic6February
Somaliland/Ethiopia with Danakil extensiontour-open2020-11-052020-11-09Danakil Depression tour/extension5565250dynamic6November
South Ossetia Tourtour-open2020-09-042020-09-06South Ossetia Tour3955250dynamic10September
Sudantour-open2019-11-242019-11-29SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6795250static6November
Sudantour-open2020-01-062020-01-11SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6January
Sudantour-open2020-03-022020-03-07SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6March
Sudantour-open2020-11-232020-11-28SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6November
Syriatour-openSYRIA HIGHLIGHTS TOUR81395500static6
Trans European Racetour-open2020-08-012020-08-08Trans European Race79999static50August
Trans-Mongolian (Beijing-Moscow Comfort)tour-openEast to West Comfort Tour131695500dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (Beijing-Moscow)tour-openWest to East Tour131025300dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (Beijing-Pyongyang)tour-openMoscow to Pyongyang Tour211869500dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (Beijing-St. Petersburg)tour-openWest to East Extended Tour181299300dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (Moscow-Beijing Comfort)tour-openWest to East Comfort Tour141695500dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (Moscow-Beijing)tour-openEast to West Tour13995300dynamic6
Trans-Mongolian (St. Petersburg-Beijing)tour-openEast to West Extended Tour181259300dynamic6
Transnistria/Moldovatour-open2020-05-052020-05-11Victory Day Tour6595250dynamic6May
Turkmenistantour-open2020-03-212020-03-28Turkmenistan Nawruz Tour8985250static6March

2019 TOURS

Our current 2019 group tours can be seen below. They are all guaranteed departures.

Sudantour-open2019-11-242019-11-29SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6795250static6November

2020 TOURS

Our current 2020 group tours can be seen below. They are all guaranteed departures.

Sudantour-open2020-01-062020-01-11SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6January
Sudantour-closed2020-02-172020-02-22SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static0February
Sudantour-open2020-03-022020-03-07SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6March
Sudantour-open2020-11-232020-11-28SUDAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR6855250static6November


Day 1 - Arrival in Khartoum

Arrive at Khartoum International Airport and transfer to your hotel in the heart of Sudan’s legendary capital city. Depending on your time of arrival, the day will be spent at leisure and you will join your tour group in the evening for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel. Your tour guide will provide the group with a pre-tour briefing and you will have an opportunity to meet your fellow travellers over a tasty meal featuring local delicacies, including vegetarian options.

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Day 2 - Meroe Pyramids

Early morning departure in an air-conditioned vehicle north from Khartoum along the Bin Laden Highway to the ancient centre of Naga'a. This complex houses the Meroitic Temple of Amun, ‎the Roman Chapel, and the Lion Temple. We then proceed to Musawarat ‎as-Sufra, an extensive temple complex where you can see rare depictions of elephants from thousands of years ago. ‎After a traditional Sudanese lunch enjoyed together with our guides at a nearby oasis, we continue on to the small town of Shendi and eventually to ‎Meroe to visit the largest pyramid cemetery in the Nile Valley, the Meroe Pyramids. You will have an opportunity to take a camel ride through the dozens of black ‎pyramids that rise prominently from the orange desert sands as the sun sets to the west. We will set up camp overnight in front of the pyramids of ‎Meroe, have dinner and drink coffee around a desert campfire, and fall asleep under the Milky Way shining brightly above us. If you prefer non-camping accommodations, you may upgrade to a nearby hotel for extra comfort for a small surcharge.

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Day 3 - Desert Sunrise and Nile Crossing

We will wake up early this morning and watch the desert sun rise over the windswept dunes to the east. The sun will bathe the pyramids in the early morning light, which is perfect for taking photos and videos of these magnificent structures. You will have an opportunity to walk alone among the pyramids and take photographs during the morning hours as there are generally no other tourists in the area. Later in the morning, we will join a brief guided tour to learn more about Meroitic history. During the afternoon, we will ‎drive to El Damer, crossing the Nile to Umm Tuyur on the west bank, and moving into the Bayouda Desert, where we will visit a cemetery ‎containing the pyramids of the 26th Dynasty, including that of Pharaoh ‎Taharqa. We then cross the Nile once again to visit the necropolis of el-Kurru and race the sun to Jebel Barkal, where we may be able to catch the beautiful sunset from atop this ancient, sacred mountain. We stay overnight in the northern city of Karima at a traditional Nubian guest house.

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Day 4 - The Great Temple of Amun of Napata

Short morning drive to Jebel Barkal, where we visit the Great Temple of Amun of Napata, which dates back to the 12th century B.C. The ‎temple was the most important religious centre of the Kingdom of Kush and you will see ancient stele and sculptures still standing today. We may also explore other Nubian ruins before making the drive back to Khartoum. We will stop at various points along the way for lunch and snacks, to experience “truck stop” coffee and tea with locals, and to purchase hand-made gifts from native vendors. We will arrive in Khartoum in the early evening and have dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.

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Day 5 - Tour of Khartoum

Today we take a tour of Khartoum including visits to Sudan’s National Museum, the convergence of the Blue and White Nile, the Mahdi’s Tomb and Khalifa's House. We then spend early afternoon at the Ethnographic and Republican Palace Museums before heading to the Corinthia Hotel. Known as ‘Gaddafi’s Egg’ because construction of the hotel was funded by Libya’s leader decades ago, the hotel offers panoramic views of Khartoum from the 17th floor along with cold refreshments and a restaurant offering a wide variety of dishes.

Image Image Image

Day 6 - Souk & Hamid el-Nil Cemetery

This morning is yours at leisure to explore Sudan’s lively capital, Khartoum. You will be within walking distance of many shopping areas, mosques, cultural monuments, and other areas of interest. Your tour guide can provide you with many points of interest in Khartoum. In the afternoon, the group will venture across the Nile to Omdurman to first visit the Souk and then on to the Hamid el-Nil Cemetery, where groups of Sufis come together each week to hear stories about the prophet, and to pray and dance together in an inclusive ceremony open to all faiths. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will not only allow you to observe (or participate in!) a traditional religious ceremony, but you are likely to meet many college students and young Sudanese who come here each week to speak English with the few foreigners who manage to attend this spectacular event. Sudan rarely gets foreign tourists, so definitely don’t miss this! The ceremony ends at 19:00 upon which you will be transferred back to your hotel or to Khartoum International Airport for your flight home.

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Day 7 - Tour Ends

Prepare for return flight home.

We will issue you an invitation letter to enable you to obtain your Sudan visa from your nearest Embassy. Alternatively we can issue a letter of invitation that enables you to pick up your visa on arrival at the airport for an additional £50 (and $100 visa fee). We strongly advise you obtain your visa in advance to avoid queues of up to 2 hours at the airport. The visa only takes a couple of days to be issued at the Sudan Embassy in London.



- Visa invitation letter
- Visa registration
- Photography permit
- All ground transport including minibus and 4wd
- Accommodation (twin rooms in 3 star hotel, Nubian guesthouse and tents)
- Tours, entry fees, and English speaking guides
- Breakfast each day
- Lunch on days 2, 3 and 4
- Dinner on day 2 and 3


- Visa fee
- International Flights
- Tips
- Lunches and dinners
- Other personal expenses
- £110 single room supplement (subject to availability we can allocate someone to share with on a group tour if you prefer to avoid this cost).
- Option to upgrade to a hotel instead of camping at Meroe - £55 single room or £70 twin/double room.