Meet the team

Photo of Dylan


In between DJ'ing and promoting gigs and club nights in my 20's I also travelled extensively; firstly all across Europe before venturing further East. In 2007 I travelled overland through Europe to North Korea via the Trans-Mongolian railway. It was a life changing trip and was the spark that gave me the idea to set up Lupine. The contacts I built up during my many travels enabled me to establish the company in 2008, with the aim of opening up travel to difficult to reach destinations. From a starting point of 3 tours, we've now grown to offering over 30 countries and with offices on 3 continents. I've loved every minute of the journey so far, from visiting over 150 countries to meeting the huge variety of people from all over the world who make up our client base. I'm looking forward to the future and all the new destinations we have planned!

Photo of Megan


I always wanted to live in a world filled with innovative travel, open minded people and other worldly experiences and I'm lucky to have found that in my role at Lupine Travel. Before joining Lupine in May 2016 I had a career in office management and customer relations and gave it up to work in a job where my soul could thrive. I've always been passionate about travel and embracing new cultures as I feel that it helps to broaden the mind. I love meeting our diverse set of customers, learning about what makes them tick and seeing them make life long friendships on each tour. When I'm not busy organising tours and leading tour groups around obscure parts of the world, you can find me playing with my sausage dog, binge watching a new sci-fi series or questioning “why can't I?” for the millionth time.

Photo of Rebekah


I’ve been working at Lupine since December 2018 and this has certainly been the most interesting job I’ve ever had. It has given me a much deeper insight into other countries and their culture. I am the office manager, overseeing the day to day workings within our busy little office, so you may see my name pop up from time to time in your inbox.

Photo of Cara


I am one of the newest members of the Lupine team, joining in July 2019. With a love of visiting new countries, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people (plus a degree in Mathematics), working as a finance officer for Lupine Travel was the perfect job for me. You are most likely to hear from me regarding paying for your tour, so if you have any questions about that, just give me a shout!

Photo of Robert


Originally from Mexico City, I am now based in Scotland, after finishing a Masters in Outdoor Education Edinburgh. As a Mountain Leader I’m drawn to the Scottish Highlands, whenever I am not leading groups across the globe with Lupine Travel. I have organised trekking and mountaineering expeditions in England, Scotland, Norway, and Iceland. As well as leading group travel and education programs in Mexico, Belize and Peru, including trekking expeditions in the Andes and high altitude ascents in Mexican volcanoes. Now, I’m extremely excited to continue to facilitate intercultural adventures by helping people explore countries all over the world as trip manager and accompanying our groups as trip leader!

Photo of James


After travelling a lot in my early 20's I first met Dylan after taking a trip into North Korea with Lupine Travel in 2012. We hit it off and made several research trips together to Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Somaliland; which later became popular Lupine Travel tours. I later decided to take a career break from Software Engineering to ride my bicycle from London to Shanghai in China, along the Silk Road through Iran and Central Asia. Upon my return from this trip I was longing to try and make a career out of putting together adventures for other people and ended up joining Lupine Travel at the end of 2015. After initially looking after Lupine Travel's tours to North Korea, I launched various new destinations in East Africa as well as the North and South Caucasus, plus an ambitious voyage to the Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific.

Photo of Nick


The moment my parents gave me the freedom to travel independently, I took my bike and left for five days with a small tent and some cooking gear. Even though I was only eleven years old, this first trip caused an in irrepressible urge to explore and travel for the years to come. A few years later I travelled, by hitchhiking and camping, from the cold snow-covered mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Iraq, the deep rainforest of French-Guiana, to the scorching deserts of Mali and Iran- always in search of adventure, and new experiences. And during my study International Tourism Management & Consultancy I specialized in the development of tours in conflict destinations and started leading tours. My first tour with Lupine Travel was in 2021 and since then I have become a fulltime tour leader.

Photo of Brooklyn


I have worked with Lupine since the very beginning after meeting Dylan whilst I was travelling through China back in 2007. I have visited North Korea 100 times plus over the past decade and now manage the Lupine office in Dandong, whilst also leading tours into North Korea.

Photo of Sardar


I have worked with Lupine since 2013 and I'm based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. During the 1990's my family and I fled to Iran to escape Saddam's chemical attacks, along with 1.5 million other Kurds. After the second Iraq war, I became a fixer, taking journalists all over the Kurdish region. I now work as logistical fixer for Lupine and guide all of our Iraqi Kurdistan tours.

Photo of Sarnor


I was born in Zorzor in the Republic of Liberia, West Africa. After the outbreak of civil war in Liberia my family and I made the long, hard journey by foot into Guinea where we stayed for many years as refugees. I later began work with humanitarian organizations such as Norwegian Refugee Council, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Save the Children UK where my fluency in English, French and several local Languages, was strategic in providing protection to Ivorian and Guinea refugees. Since I left the humanitarian field, I have been actively engaged in both local and international businesses. In recent years my passion for travel and exploration led me to start organizing tours in and around the West Africa region and starting work with Lupine Travel in 2016.

Photo of Oli


My love for adventure travel emerged from gaining a degree in Outdoor Leadership (BA) from the University of Central Lancashire between 2009-2012. During term-time, I learned from some of the best outdoor instructors in the UK, while I devoted each summer to working and travelling in different parts of the world. To date, I have visited fifty countries and climbed mountains in half of those, including the likes of Mont Blanc. As a professional British mountain leader and expedition guide, I now dedicate all my time to planning or leading journeys across the globe. For me, it is always the unusual and the unexplored which holds the greatest appeal.

Photo of Sascha


I have always had itchy feet and a curiosity for unusual and, somewhat unconventional, travel. I am a new, yet very proud member of the Lupine family. I met Dylan at the birth of Lupine 10 years ago when he assisted me with my solo Trans Mongolian trip to which I then continued into Tibet and Nepal. Since then I have done number of trips solo and with Lupine and now lucky to lead tours to some of the most remarkable places on earth. Like Dylan I have a music background and still freelance in live music and tours. I am also a qualified Psychiatric Nurse which I practice in my beloved Brighton where I live.

Photo of Murshidah


Having travelled a lot on my own and looking for something different, I stumbled upon Lupine by chance when I joined a tour to Iran in 2015 - it was on that trip I realised I had to be a part of the Lupine Travel family! Whilst managing data protection for a major retailer in my day job, for me tour leading is the ultimate fun side job! Since joining Lupine a few years ago, I have had the opportunity to lead tours to some very unique destinations, meeting interesting people and making many friends along the way. I have always loved visiting new places and having travelled to over 90 countries, I’m astonished at how much of the world there is still to discover and the bucket list is ever growing. Also, I love trying local dishes– which helps with research purposes of course…

Photo of Guillaume


I joined Lupine Travel shortly after a tour he did with us in Iraq in 2015. Since then I have successfully built the French arm of Lupine Travel called Les Loups Voyageur (recently renamed as Lupine Travel France). I take care of our beloved French-speaking customers and I support Lupine’s explorations and efforts to build new destinations as well as improve existing ones. I - like almost any other human - love traveling and this is what I do whenever I find time and a bit of money to do so. I am mainly anxious about the shortness of life and I try to run as fast as possible to counterbalance it. I am very enthusiastic about the Middle-East, the Arabic countries as well as Africa. Bisous.